Carpet Cleaning Tips For Common Spills During the Holiday Season

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Common Spills During the Holiday Season

Do you ever notice that people seem to be a little friendlier this season of year? The Christmas season draws out the best in everybody, it really is the season to be happy! It is a period for family and friends coming together and enjoying good food and good company. The cleanup is a reality of the Christmas season that many individuals disregard after the celebrating is over. Not only do we have a mess to fight with but also commonly we have spills and stains on the carpet; sauce, wine, beer, coffee and soda, to mention a few. I have discovered that many people treat these spills wrong and cause the stain to set into the carpet, making the job of removing them much more difficult.

This article will give a manual for cleaning the most common spills that you get after the Christmas season. The most critical thing to recollect is that timing is everything with regards to a spill, the faster you tidy up after a spill the better shot you have of removing the stain totally. There is three vital steps you must follow to clean any stain.

The first step is to immediately blot the spill with a dry white cloth, napkin or paper towel, endeavor to remove as much fluid as possible before going to the next stage.

The second step is to clean the spot and in order to do that you should blend a solution of mild dish detergent (no bleach) and warm water. Once you have mixed the solution, blot the stain.

The third step is to neutralize the stain with a solution. Each stain has a different blend and a solution for a few of the most common stains. Put the mixture into a splash bottle, mist the spot after cleaning it, and blot with a paper towel to absorb excess liquid. You can also splash with plain water and blot after you are done to flush the area and ensure there are no chemicals left on the carpet.

For coffee, tea, beer, or white wine, the neutralizing mixture is one third of a cup of white vinegar and two thirds of a cup of water. For cola, soda, or pop stains, the blend is one tablespoon of household ammonia and half a cup of water. For gravy stains, you don’t place it into a splash bottle, you blot the spot after cleaning with a little measure of dry solvent (you may substitute isopropyl liquor), make sure to use very small amounts to avoid any damage to the carpet.

The trickiest spot of all to clean is red wine, it is important to treat this spill properly or you risk setting it into the carpet. Simply follow step one, then instead of cleaning it with water and dish detergent you mix one teaspoon of neutral dish soap (dawn works great) with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. You can pour the blend over the spill to pre-soak it. You ought to really see the red wine vanish before your eyes. If there is as yet a residue left afterwards, rinse it with water, blot, and after that pour a hill of salt on the spot (the salt will draw the moisture and residue out of the carpet) hold up until morning and afterward just vacuum up the stain.

These tips for stain removal will help you with any of your vacation spills. Simply make sure to test any of the chemicals you use on a subtle segment of carpet, you can do this by putting a little sum on a white cloth and hold it to the carpet for 30 – 60 seconds, if there is no color transfer on to the cloth you ought to be fine. Please remember also, that when the directions say to blot, don’t rub at the carpet or you risk damaging the fibres and making the stain go deeper into the fabric. Good Luck with your stain removal and Happy Holidays!

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